•April 22, 2010 • Comments Off on Updates

Hello friends,

At the moment there is a boring standstill while we’re waiting on some paper work and legal clarification regarding our three first albums. That’s why the updates are slow and rare. Sorry for that.

Hopefully we will get back to the real business (music) shortly.

Take care and we hope to see you all soon!

//Frederik – Eskobar


New house

•April 5, 2010 • Comments Off on New house

Hi friends,
Sorry for the badly updated blog.
I’ve moved to a new house and have been focusing 100% on that.

Now I’m back on track and ready to get back on the great horse, named Eskobar! 🙂

Talk to you soon again.


Mixing the 1st song

•December 15, 2009 • Comments Off on Mixing the 1st song

Hi friends,

Today we’re of to the studio to mix the first song. The title of the song is ….. ….. and it’s a fantastic song! 🙂

Tomorrow it’s new recordings on the schedule. See you!

Btw, Sweden is white and snowy today! 🙂


Esko & Sony

•December 7, 2009 • Comments Off on Esko & Sony

Hi friends,

We are feeling some what better and are of to a meeting with Sony today.

Hopefully we will create a good plan for the future Eskobar releases.

After todays meeting we will head back to the recording studio to work on the new songs.

Be patient! 😉 We will be back!


Someone New – Swedish Idol 2009

•December 3, 2009 • Comments Off on Someone New – Swedish Idol 2009

Two great singers from the Swedish Idol 2009 performed Someone New recently. Here’s the clip. We like it! 🙂

Go Zlatan

•November 24, 2009 • Comments Off on Go Zlatan

Hi friends,

We are still having some issues with a winter cold that is causing problems with voices and throats. Hopefully we will be back on our feet in the next week to restart the recording process.

At the moment my focus is on Barcelona and Champions League. Go Barca, Go Zlatan!!! 🙂

Take care!

Here I go again

•November 11, 2009 • Comments Off on Here I go again

On my own, do you guys remember that song? Whitesnake… 🙂

After some time of illness we are on it again. A new song has been created and today we will puzzle the pieces into greatness!! 😀

We haven’t decided on release date yet but we will work ad hard as we can to make sure it happens as soon as possible, probably in spring 2010.

Take care!